Our Team

Founder & Editor

Maria Balinska
maria [at] latitudenews [dot] com

Founder and host Maria Balinska has spent her career innovating and promoting ways of engaging audiences with what’s going on in the world. She spent 20 years in London working for BBC Radio as  a journalist, producer and editor of international programming. Maria hails from New Jersey but has lived in six countries and worked in three. She’s got a passion for cross-border connections – she’s even written a book exploring these themes through the history of the bagel. Follow her on twitter @mariabalinska



Jack Rodolico
jack [at] latitudenews [dot] com

Producer Jack Rodolico has had his work featured on America Public Media’s Marketplace and PRI’s The World as well as public radio stations across the country. Prior to working in radio, he was a science teacher, where he laid the foundation for educating the public by learning how to tell a good story. Thanks to a lengthy investigation, Jack has also become a leading expert on the shady pipeline that funnels drugged-up horse meat from American racetracks to Canadian slaughterhouses and European dinner plates. Follow Jack on Twitter: @JackRodolico.



Nicholas Nehamas
nick [at] latitudenews [dot] com

Nick started out as an editorial intern at Latitude News in December 2011. By summer 2012, he had become the site’s first in-house reporter, breaking an investigative story about the Ranch for Kids in Montana and its conflict with the Russian government. He’ll be attending Columbia Journalism School starting in August 2013. Follow him on Twitter: @NickNehamas


Editorial Intern

Ke Xu
ke_xu [at] emerson [dot] edu

Ke Xu is a current second-year graduate student in journalism at Emerson College. She believes that a good story should be both audience-centric and story-driven, and a good journalist should not just care about the facts, but also the human beings or issues behind the story. Outside of journalism, she is passionate about reading, music, food, skiing and running.