• Jeanne Segal

    A small clarification: hops are used for their flavor in brewing. The preservative effect that naturally occurs in hops was more important to brewing when there was no refrigeration. An example is the genesis of India Pale Ale. It was discovered that by increasing hop content, beers did not spoil on long sea voyages to India from England. There is a great article on the ancient roots of brewing in The Smithsonian Magazine: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history-archaeology/The-Beer-Archaeologist.html

  • Jim

    Thanks for your comments, Jeanne, and for the link. You’re of course quite right about hops. The quotation from Mr. Codrington perhaps put a different emphasis on hop use, though I think the audio clip makes it clear he’s interested in the flavor and aromatic elements hops contribute.



  • Anonymous

    I”m glad you mentioned the bacterostatic qualities of hops. Few today know this fact.

  • Jim

    Thanks. I do think the rise of American-style IPAs with their heady hop aromas have caused a lot of people to forget that the aroma was actually incidental to the original use, even if their preservative qualities aren’t so important for today’s commercial brewers.