• Guest

    seems like a good answer to balance the generally miserable portrayals of daily african life. an interesting way to see a more accurate picture of the lifestyle, with regard particularly to burundian culture

  • Seth Chase

    Thanks for checking out the show! And thanks for the publicity. Seth Chase -imagine burundi

  • Bob Chase

    Do yu oen the show with bumper music =-} we listen when we can, I think it’s pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

  • Chasemargie

    I give this show ten bananas. Seth you might get a spot on PBS traveling the world and giving us insight into other cultures…… love the background music you pick too!

  • Jack Rodolico

    We’re trying to find African stories that run against the dialogue that the entire continent is in dire trouble. This one fit the bill. I also told a Burundian friend of mine (in the US) about it and he was thrilled.