• Linda

    Clearly no thought here of going easy on the planet. Maybe they should consider cultivating kitchen gardens and trying to get along?

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisBoese Chris Boese

    One of the things I am interested to see is how the new Meryl Streep film, Iron Lady, handles the Falklands War. It was SO controversial when it happened, and seemed so ill-advised and unnecessarily brutal.

    Has anyone seen it yet?

  • http://latitudenews.com/ Latitude News

    I haven’t seen Iron Lady yet – very keen to. How will it treat Falklands War? How will it treat miners’ strikes? (How will it treat her husband Dennis…?!) On the Falklands War – its brutality and aftermath for soldiers, if you haven’t seen it, get a copy of Tumbledown – 1988 BBC drama, based on true story of Scots Guards officer (played by young Colin Firth), shot by Argentinian sniper and paralyzed. Controversial at the time – the battle scenes brutal and then indifference of British public and government to the returning war wounded…
    (from Maria B)