• http://twitter.com/biancadene Bianca.Williams

    In France there is no ‘ban’ on plastic bags, they simply don’t offer them in any stores! I believe US citizens would be much more comfortable with the fact that they either bring their own bags, or they carry their stuff home, rather than placing an actual government ban on the matter. Bans don’t alleviate the pressure, they simply create more.
    And, yes, based on my many experiences abroad, the States is one of the few places still offering plastic bags to be used in such excess; therefore, I believe if we could limit or curve our consumption of the product, we could have a less destructive impact on the environment.

    • Anna

      We were just having this discussion and I think the way that plastic bags are used here and our consumption of them is due in large part because of the way our “newer” country has been developed with people living farther from city centers and needing cars to visit the grocery store. Naturally, if you had to carry your goods home a plastic bag just isn’t suitable and a more substantial bag would be a necessary part of life.
      Now just imagine what all of this could do to our waistlines!