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    FYI: 1,278 Norwegian Editors & Journalists Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection [Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored blog]

    • Nick_Nehamas

      not quite sure what you mean, Lara. Can you please explain further?

  • Eric Blomquist

    How does modern society deal with, “extreme offenders,” as the article refers to them? Execution was the solution of old, effective in its own way in removing unspeakable sociopaths but fraught as the practice was institutionalized. We’ve evolved, we think, but often enough there is a Dahmer, a KSM, a Brievik who provokes universal societal disgust and outrage. Society seems consistently to know one of these when it sees him and to have broad consensus about what his fate should be. Still, how does one mete out exceptional justice without diminishing society? Norway is finding itself with its own Gitmo dilemma.

    • mffitzgerald

      Eric, Thanks for your thoughtful note. Norway’s approach is very different from the U.S. I wonder if it would work here better than the ‘prisoner as pariah’ system we seem to have adopted in the U.S. A microexample would come from a home for juvenile boys who had committed serious crimes, but were sent to the home, which cared for them like people, instead of juvenile facilities (my mother worked at it). The boys who went there were less likely to commit another crime than boys who were sent to conventional juvenile detention facilities. But I don’t know whether there was something in the selection process that made them more likely to reform.

      • Nick_Nehamas

        I think that the US overemphasizes the retribution aspect of our incarceration system. yes, people should be punished for their crimes but if they come out of jail just as or even more likely to commit another crime then what’s the point? we need to focus more on rehabilitation. I’d love to see some stats comparing the US’s recidivism rate to that in other countries…anyone know where to find them?

  • Haldun

    Amazing stuff. Thank you Julia, for leading us to think about all this put in a sophisticated perspective. We should not let our emotions self-censor our common sense and make us feel obliged to think in a certain way just because of what the creature called B. did. The story of the man with a chain-saw, in Moore’s piece, was telling it all. It was funny too. Norway and Norwegians deserve much better than what one incident, no matter how horrible and monstrous it was, make some think. A very balanced and meaningful report.