• Guest

    It sad and impressive to see how Nokia, a company that enjoyed great profits from its mobile phone production business, just collapses within a quick few years when other companies, the smartphone regime, such as Apple and other Android companies take over. The change was a bit abrupt – I still remember seeing Nokia being popular when the first generation of iPhone came out. But it didn’t take Apple too long before it defeats Nokia. Seeing the change in the market, Nokia was willing to change, but it was too slow. The modification of its Symbian system and the introduction of the Windows Phone system did not really catch the market’s trend. This is perhaps because Nokia has enjoyed too much of its past and is therefore reluctant to change. In fact, it is tragic to see Kodak as its parallel – Kodak is a company that enjoyed great profits and success from its traditional film business, but as the digital cameras gradually took over, Kodak was a bit slow to respond. From Nokia’s story and that of Kodak, we have to say that a glorious past can become a hindrance for the present, but there is little we can do about it – pride goes before a fall.

  • Michaelf

    Companies are sometimes able to come back from seeming defeat. Even Motorola had some bouncebacks in mobile phones, including the original RAZR phone. Nintendo was left for dead until it came out with the Wii and the ds, both of which vaulted it back into the forefront of video gaming. Apple itself looked headed for bankruptcy until it was revitalized, in part through making a deal with Microsoft. It’s too early to say that Nokia is doomed, but it does face a lot of trouble.