• Indigocloud

    Richard Anderson has known Romney for more than 50 years? The accident was just over 40 years ago – Romney is now 65 – so he’s known Romney since they were boys together?

  • CoMMensa

    Good catch: Mitt and I met in 1968, or just possibly at a Christmas visit in 1967. “More than 40” would be more accurate. (R.B.Anderson)

  • A French Mormon

    The “Avenir 46” people who oppose the temple are actually local conservatives who will never forgive the mayor for leaving the UMP (Sarközy’s party) a few years ago.

    Their anti-mormon attitude targets mainly the population of a city where the catholic church has more influence than in the rest of the country.

    Since the mayor is running in the upcoming legislative election, the temple will probably become a major subject in the campaign.

  • Stevem

    “It was probably that accident — near Bordeaux in June 1968 — that was one of his most life-changing experiences”

    It’s probably up there with bullying gay students, which changes the way he remembers inflicting trauma on others.