• http://www.facebook.com/people/Julia-Vitullo-Martin/1097325723 Julia Vitullo-Martin

    Fascinating piece but what’s the timeline on the Navalinsky story? When did he have the heart attack? When did his American physicians refuse to operate? When did he leave for India etc? Hard to make sense of the story w/o the dates

    • Jenniewalmsley

      Brian first suffered chest pains in 2008. He was very active and didn’t smoke or drink. Tests revealed massive heart failure, and he was subsequently treated with drugs in the US, but over time his condition worsened. Scans in the summer of 2011 revealed aortic failure. In the US, he was advised not to have surgery (he says his specialist in Georgia wouldn’t give him the green light). After research, Brian decided Shetty and NH offered his best chance (he would receive same valve as in US etc). He travelled to India in August, and stayed for about four weeks (pre and post-op). He’s been back in the US for 6 months, and says he feels great and that all scans/tests show dramatic improvement.
      Incidentally, he says treatment in the US (had he been able to find a surgeon willing to perform it) would have cost $130,000.

  • Anna

    Is this a case where malpractice in the US may have been a factor in the Dr’s decision? Any idea what the surgery and travel costs actually were? What were the post-op care options available? And why India over Bangkok?