In Malaysia, disobedience is a virtue

By Chi Liquicia

A woman with the Malaysian national flag painted on her face at the country's National Day celebrations (REUTERS)

Many Malaysians had the shock of their life in June when a group of conservative Muslim women formed the Obedient Wives Club. Their mantra: sex is a duty and wives should obey their husbands to avoid marital discord. And as if that were not enough to raise hackles, they published a pocket-sized guide to Islamic sex.

“Enough is enough” countered a group of feminists, who turned to social media last week to reach out to women who are having difficulties in their married life. Their message: know your rights.

The Star, Malaysia’s leading newspaper, reports that a group calling itself Wibawa Women is using Facebook to empower women and provide support especially to wives who are struggling in their marriage. It says wibawa means self-assured, confident and assertive. No surprise that the cyber group is made up mostly of professional urbanites who are internet savvy.

“We did not want to be women who were cowed into being subservient to their husbands, so we started this Facebook group to support women who are going through bad times in their relationships.”

The group is open also to single women and even to men but they have to pass stringent selection criteria. “We don’t want any husbands or exes to use the Facebook group to hound or spy on their wives,” the daily quotes Nik Elin, one of the women behind support group, as saying.

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  • Kusum Kapila

    Is there a male pressure behind such group formation?one can’t imagine wanting to exist as a sex tool,
    But if Islam demands such an act to be a true Muslim….a lot of questions arise in a mind that wants to be above the cloud of religions.