• Alexander Nehamas

    I thought the connection between sports and politics was terrific!

  • TheWillHayes

    This was a good read.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V53Z4XWD3ULDG5XIVVZVNRS3HM redbaron

    Greece can’t invest in anything and is forced to kill off economic prospects in exchange for bailout money. Also, author failed to mention that Euroleague success is no stranger to Greece, Panathinaikos won the Euroleague last year, and has been the most successful European team of the 21st century so far with 5 European Championships.

    • Nick_Nehamas

      yes, I was hoping for an all-Greek final but CSKA were too much for the Greens to handle this year.

      As you point out, Greece can’t create growth under the current austerity regime. Without growth, recovery is almost impossible. But if Germany/EU prove unwilling to negotiate the terms of the agreement and Greece’s political leaders want to stay inside the Eurozone, Greece will have to find some combo of budget cuts / tax increases that doesn’t place the financial burden only on the middle and working classes. Obviously a very tough situation. Anyone have ideas or potential solutions (besides a default)?