• Desi Coutinho

    Her immune system has not collapsed. She is a satyagrahi and relies on the truth. There is no medical reason for her immune system to collapse. You should try verifying your sources. It was not a boycott of the Telegraph the newspaper was burnt publically and then banned until a deal was struck to remove editorial control from the Telegraph to a local manipuri, there is a photo of the burning and people you have used as sources are in it.. She is not under house arrest. Daw Aung Sang Suu Kyi was under house arrest ie lived in her own house. She is kept in the security ward of the JNIMS in Imphal which has been annexed by the local gaol for the treatment of prisoners. No one who knows her questions her resolve. Finally if Manipuris vote for MLAs who pledge to denotify Disturbed Area Status from all of Manipur not just Imphal then the satyagraha ends in victory.

    • Michael Fitzgerald

      Thanks for your comment. This post was derived from material in the linked articles. Her brother was most certainly reported as making the comment about her immune system, in the source linked to. Various Indian publications noted calls for a boycott of the paper, and yes it was also burned in public and banned. We appreciate your point about the difference between house arrest and a security ward. Since you are writing as her fiance, you certainly would be expected to support her resolve, but people are reported as questioning it in the articles we mention. Thanks again for your comments. Please keep us posted on events.