• Tim Phillips

    Thanks for this wonderful article David. When I was a kid my Dad bought me a set of York Barbells which came with instructions for the different lifts and black and white pictures of Bob Hoffman demonstrating the positions. We lived about 45 minutes south of York. When you drove into that small city, York Barbells was visible from the highway. You could not miss the Bob Hoffman statue having triumphantly holding the barbells towards the heavens. It’s very interesting to learn that steroid abuse goes back this far. I would very much like to see more coverage of weightlifting when during the 2012 summer Olympics. Keep up the great work! Tim Phillips

    • David Goldblatt

      Pleased you liked it Tim, weightlifting has all kinds of hidden charms. I hope we see more and better coverage at 2012 too. Do you know this fantastic short film on weightlifting directed by Mai Zetterling from the 1972 Olympic movie Visions of Eight? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAuRPSbT7-8