• Janearther

    Boycott these heinous companies!

    • Jgz

      you are an idiot. We were at war and these companies were asked to produce this for their governemnt. Wake up.

      • Janearther

        Really? Tell that to the 3rd generation Vietnamese who are still at war EVERYDAY with the defects these poisons brought them you heartless POS. “We were at war.” .And they now spray OUR SEEDS with them. So I guess they are still “at war?” ABSOLUTE BS you spew.

        • Anna

          @Janearther, you bring up a valid point about Dow Chemical and GMO corn production in the US
          @Jgz yes, it was a war and in war times people do things that possibly have questionable outcomes

          Discuss…you both are making the same point…just different paths

  • Terrycomm

    Dow should not be allowed to do any type of PR and image-building sponsorship of the Olympics as they poisoned much of a nation — and thousands of American men and women in the military with Agent Orange. We still buy nothing we know is from Dow or originating with Dow chemicals, which continue to poison Americans (and probably many other nations) in agricultural uses AGAIN not tested or monitored by our monitized government.