“De-pinkifying” toys for girls in the UK: a worthy cause?

By Jennie Walmsley


One of the world’s oldest, most famous toy shops, Hamleys, in London, has been accused of gender apartheid in how it sells toys.

The company’s flagship store attracts more than 5 million tourists a year, and enjoys a reputation  comparable to that of FAO Schwartz in New York.

Until recently toys being were sold on color coded floors: fluffy animals, dolls and tea sets on pink floors for girls; activity games, war toys and construction sets on blue for boys.

Then two sisters took the company to task, claiming boys and girls should have the same opportunities for play. From this past week Hamleys is selling toys according to activity on gender-neutral red and white floors.

The move has prompted lots of discussion in British newspapers, including both the conservative popular tabloid the Daily Mail and the liberal Sunday Observer newspaper, about gender stereotyping and the “pinkification” of girls’ lives.

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