Chinese TV actor on “Undercover” hiding a criminal past

By Nicholas Nehamas

It’s a shocking twist that TV writers might wish they had dreamed up themselves. Ji Siguang, a popular Chinese actor on the television drama “Undercover,” has been arrested for a violent robbery he committed 13 years ago — under a different name.

It turns out Ji was a better actor than even his most devoted fans knew.

Ji Siguang after being arrested, left, and during his performance on the television drama "Lurk". (Credit: The China Times)

Ji’s real name is Zhang Guofeng, the China Daily reports, and in 1988 he was involved in the robbery and stabbing of a policeman in Qiqihar, a large city to the northeast of Beijing.

Zhang fled to Jinhua in the south and created a new identity, Ji, who soon became an accomplished actor, racking up credits in thirty television shows. But Ji/Zhang never watched the shows, as he told police in his confession, feeling guilty and scared that he had put himself in such an obvious position to be recognized.

The actor could face the death penalty if convicted.

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