• Ettart1

    There is a compelling movie called DARK MATTER by Chen Shi-Zheng, starring Liu Ye, Aidan Quinn, and Meryl Streep loosely based on the Lu Gang massacre at the University of Iowa. It pits the narrow and egotistical power of a college professor (Aidan Quinn) who can determine the academic fate of a PhD student with the vast culture gap between Americans and Asians. Meryl Streep bridges the culture gap but, sadly, not enough to prevent the catastrophic consequences.

  • Ettart

    Check out the blog of Betty Ming Liu (journalist,educator, painter and mother) who grew up in Manhattan’s Chinatown and has written some strong and insightful reactions to Amy Chua’s style of parenting.

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    There is an interesting piece here on Amy Chua’s husband, who seems to have been pretty hands-off. How Tiger Dad is Handling Parental Infamy

  • Anna

    Sounds a bit like he had a taste of Beijing’s “Wolf Father”, Xiao Biayou who believed that beating his children was a positive experience for them.

  • Anna

    You know kids are rallying against ‘tiger mothers’ check out this link http://bit.ly/KCYhtp. Two girls in Beijing created a book about all the ways they avoid and fight back against their dominating parents. It’s in Chinese but you get the idea fast.