• Anna

    Seems so strange that an Olympic development program would keep athletes from eating high levels of protein and other nutrients when they are performing at such an elite level. Why don’t they have their own food supply that can be trusted or is there just no way to trust who and what is involved in farm to table for the best of the best?

    • Vegetarianfitness

      Animal protein is actually less superior then plant proteins when it comes to absorption in the body.Not to mention some of the greatest athletes of all time were/are vegetarian, so actually China is doing themselves a HUGE PLUS by doing this. Not only will their competitors be healthier they will also have more energy.
      Meat just rots in your gut, how can that be good for any athlete? Better yet one of Olympic caliber?
      Stop listening to the media and what the tell you to eat. Everyone else does and look how great that has worked out for them.

      • Anna

        Maybe you can tell us more about vegetable protein benefits?
        Elite athletes consume many times more calories than the average fit person which leads me to wonder how much time they would spend eating a vegetarian diet to get enough of everything?

  • http://latitudenews.com/ Latitude News

    From the editors: a correction and an apology. Clenbuterol is banned from agricultural use in China but there is evidence of widespread illegal use. According to a report cited in FoodQualityNews.com (http://www.foodqualitynews.com/Public-Concerns/China-Olympians-banned-from-eating-pork-over-clenbuterol-fears), almost half of food processing and packaging plants in China failed inspections in 2011.