• Jue

    The Chinese diary scandal certainly has ripple effect in the United States, especially in the communities with high concentration of Chinese. I recently wrote an article about how Chinese living in Los Angeles are emptying the baby formula shelves. You may check the article out at http://www.alhambrasource.org/news/chinese-rush-baby-formula-emptying-california-shelves

    • Yiping_Y

      Jue, thank you for your comment. I totally agree that communities with more Chinese are always in high demand of milk powder. And you did a great job in this article. I hope this milk panic buying situation can change soon and food safety scandals can less and less in the future. If you have any other good ideas related China and United States, feel free to contact us through our website, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Anna

    I think it also raises the issue of whether or not people are depending on a unreliable source of nutrition for their children at a huge cost…a tin of imported baby formula in the PRC runs 300RMB and lasts about 7-10 days. That’s a huge cost but it’s also not considered “modern” by many people’s standards nor convenient for those who can afford yue sao help or those who need grandparents to provide care so that both parents can work.
    I see larger cultural issues at play…but yes, safe food is paramount in any society…I’m going to check out that app…looks pretty cool!

  • Sjj198620

    I am also preparing to have a baby, but I am always worried about milk in China. I hate Chinese milk producer,they always benifits oriented and not care about our health, especially babies health. You know babies milk powder in China is also not very cheap considerated conumer’s income. But the quality is hard to say. We have no choice to choose milk from foreign countries. We would like a trust a totally new brand from foreign coutries rather than choose domestic milk.
    What a pity it is ?
    But we have no choice…
    Domestic milk producer is not customer and quality oriented, why we domistic milk oriented!