• Paul Bendat

    Norway limits the amount a gambler can lose. This is not mandatory pre-commitment. Gamblers can voluntarily set lower limits.

    This is not the evidence based recommendation of the Australian Productivity Commission which called for $1 maximum bets so that losses would be restricted to $120 per hour, a $20 limit on the cash that could be loaded onto a machine and, coupled with a default setting, a requirement that gamblers set their own loss limits.

    • Nick_Nehamas

      thanks for the comment, Paul. You’re right that mandatory pre-commitment isn’t exactly what’s happening in Norway, or in a few of the other countries mentioned here. The point of the article was to show the various ways in which countries around the globe are attempting to limit the amount gamblers can lose on slot machines/pokies.

      Do you live in Australia? Which system sounds the most effective to you? Or do you believe that they are all an infringement on civil liberties?