• Cynthia Rosi

    I remember covering these types of stories in the UK when I reported there in the 90s. Police walked a line between upholding the law and cultural sensitivity. Sometimes they didn’t get it right. For women in closed communities with a strong heritage, like belonging to a family from a different country, it’s difficult to know what is your culture, what needs to be left behind, and how to be safe revealing what you think is wrong. I’m glad to hear the police are taking notice. One good thing about the UK is that it’s a small enough system that when they decide to overturn a cultural practice – like the breeding of dangerous dogs, or spousal abuse – they can move swiftly and with precision. Let’s hope they find a way soon to stop this brand of domestic repression and control.

    • Maria Balinska

      Thanks for your perspective. We’re interested to hear more about how you would compare police handling of such issues in the UK and here in the US