• Hkidder02

    I just heard last week how the drug cartel is moving to Australia. Interesting this week to read this piece.
    The program “seems” to work. Has any one yet crunched numbers, followed participants for any length of time?
    In our scientific age many don’t understand or want to admit to being spiritual. Spirituality, I believe is very individual, even in religious communities. Yet when we are able to tap successfully into the spiritual realm, our world becomes richer and we don’t feel so empty.
    It will be interesting to follow this. Can this be translated into helping our native American population and their epidemic alcoholism?

  • mffitzgerald

    I don’t think there’s been anything published. The first group only started in 2010. But it would be interesting to see the data on them. I had the same question. This was a curated story, and the article does not give the statistics or say whether it’s being studied. The article also does not say how effective it is in areas that are primarily rural, which would seem to fit best with Native Americans on the reservation.