• Guest

    Illegal is illegal.

    • mffitzgerald

      We are happy to sell access to america to people who buy expensive houses ($500,000 or more). Obviously no help to small rural towns.

  • Jaysapir

    Ben Skirvin;
    Excellent, sorely needed reporting. I’ve been following recruitment of so-called illlegals by U.S. corps.
    Nice job working in Obama news. Were you working on story when you learned of it? Just curious-cat.

    Jay Sapir

    • Ben Skirvin

      I was working on a broader story about Latino immigrants running businesses in small town America. As a longtime resident of the Heartland, I’ve found that there are many misconceptions about the middle of the country and that those issues are often underreported. The story sprang directly out of my personal experience working with Latino workers on farms when I was younger.

      Thank you for the compliment,

      Ben Skirvin