Our Story

We’re living in a globalized world. Scratch the surface of any American community and you’ll discover international connections. Take any of the issues Americans are talking about and you’ll find   international parallels. It’s time for journalism to mashup the local and the global.

That’s what we’ve been doing at Latitude News since 2011 – and in the process uncovering a whole raft of engaging original stories, from the shady trade in American horsemeat to Europe’s love affair with US craftbrewers. Check out some of our most popular stories here.

Since the summer of 2012 we’ve been producing a monthly audio feature – a deep dive into one particularly intriguing tale of US-world relations, commissioned by the folks at the Public Radio Exchange. Our radio work has been featured by, among others, Marketplace, Word of Mouth, Harvest Public Media and Fronteras.

And now – thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign – we’ve launched a weekly radio report: the Local Global Mashup Show. In response to the feedback we had from our users we’re going to be focusing on solution journalism. We start with a hot button issue here in the US (from gun control to bullying in schools and plastic bag pollution) and ask what people in other countries do to tackle the same problem. You’ll get both cautionary tales and best practice. Either way, they’re stories that illuminate our American experience in useful and sometimes surprising ways. The show is hosted by our founder Maria Balinska who herself is a mashup of local and global. Maria isn’t afraid of opinions although she does believe in the virtue of facts.

The key to the show’s success is its ability to relate to you and your lives. We want your reactions to the stories and opinions you hear. We want to know what hot button American debates you want to get a global handle on. Send us your ideas and questions at inquiries@latitudenews.com

A word about our business model. Quality audio journalism isn’t cheap, especially when some of that reporting is being done abroad. That’s why we’re charging a subscription fee for the Local Global Mashup Show. It’s not a big sum and we always offer some stories free of charge as well as a short taster for every show. We do believe, however, that it’s time to experiment with paid models to keep quality journalism alive and to make sure that there are more than a handful of independent sources for news.

And don’t forget to sign up to our Twitter feed – that’s where you’ll get our curation of how the world’s media is covering the US and Americans. Informative and eclectic, from policy to popular culture – it’s a news service you won’t want to miss.

Be our partners on this adventure of disruptive journalism. Together we might just change the way Americans see the world!