Welcome to the Local Global Mashup Show

Excitement in the Latitude News office that we’ve got our first Local Global Mashup Show “out there.” And that we’re starting a regular blog where we’re going to be telling you what’s coming up, soliciting your feedback and sharing the odd story about what’s going on behind the production scenes.

This week we’ve jumped into the frying pan – we hope – with our guns story. It’s not every day you hear an Australian deputy prime minister, a Swiss gun rights activist and a MIT Second Amendment scholar in the same program. Tell us what you think!

Next week we’re looking at wind turbines – do they really affect human health? And what does that mean for wind energy, the fastest growing source of renewable energy in the US? We’re on location with a couple on Cape Cod who tell us their lives have been ruined by the turbine across the road and we hear from the world’s leader in wind energy – Denmark – about how they respond to these kinds of complaints.

Have an issue or a question you want to get the global low down on? Ping us any time.