From Jakarta or Mars? The answer is Zeke Khaseli

Music Video Friday: Indonesian Psychedelia

By Michael May

Zeke Khaseli’s most recent album is titled “Fell in Love with the Wrong Planet.” Indeed.

The sounds of Beck and The Flaming Lips have apparently drifted over the Pacific and blossomed into this remarkably strange Indonesian youngster. Khaseli seems to represent the outer reaches of indie rock, in more ways than one. He’s a testament to the creative melting pot of our wired world, and the dawn of  multi-media rock-and-roll.

Khaseli is a former film student who has made his way through several local bands in Jakarta, leaving a trail of whimsical videos. His live shows feature dozens of performers, including, according to the Jakarta Times, “break-dancing aliens.”

In this video, Khaseli appears to making a statement about progress in his home country, that includes strange sound effects, giant turkeys, flying on a broomstick and fluorescent crayon jellyfish. See for yourself:

Khaseli has a charming and accessible side as well, as evidenced in this Kodak-inspired slice of fluff “Mighty Love” by his previous band, Zeke and the Popo:

And, moving back in time, to Khaseli’s first band, Lain, with another brilliant video for “Train Song,” starring the most far-ranging model train ever:

And finally, a nod to Khaseli’s other job. He’s scored the films for some of Jakarta’s biggest films. Here’s a taste of his thunderous soundtrack for the noir-pulp thriller, “Dead Time: Kala”