• http://www.clearvisionnaturally.com/ Gene Younger

    Tom and Sarah,
    I am so proud of you guys. You are doing a great work in a great land. I remember the raw food potlucks you had at your home in Tumbaco, Ecuador back in 2009. Rosanna and I loved your non-cooking!
    As you know I am a raw food enthusiast and wheat grass grower.
    If any of your raw family wants to know how to grow and juice wheat grass send them to my You Tubes on the subject. One has had over 37,000 views. Just tell them to type my name, Gene Younger, in the You Tube Search bar and up will come my videos.
    And thank you both for being an inspiration to me and my family of clear seers. Raw food is excellent for the health of the eyes and promotes clear vision and better eyesight. A Cancer survivor, myself, for more than 13 years I trust that wheat grass, green smoothies and eating a lot of fresh live raw food have kept me alive. I have added Tai Chi and bicycle riding to my routine.
    I will continue to affirm that you are blessed as you help others to be blessed.
    Gene Younger

  • Suzy Hoseus

    Tom and Sarah, How blessed we are to share a mutual friend in Gene Younger. He sent me this link and I sincerely hope someday soon our travels will be in Belgium! Your restaurant sounds delightful! Should you ever be in America, we would love for you to visit us here in Walton, KY at Blessings Farm!
    Mike and Suzy Hoseus