Turkey looks for spy kids

Michael Fitzgerald By Michael Fitzgerald

Okay, Spy Kid wanna-bees, the Turkish National Intelligence Agency is looking for you. The National Intelligence Agency, known as MIT in Turkey, put up a Web page for kids on its site. The page features a Turkish children’s actress who guides kids to games that foster a taste for espionage. The site also gives kids lessons about Turkey and what its intelligence agency does.

The welcome screen from a game for kids offered by the Turkish National Intelligence Agency

The actress, Filiz Çolakoğlu, works on children’s programs for the state broadcaster TRT. On one part of the site there are two games, one of which involves finding differences between pictures, as an example of intelligence gathering. The other involves a simulated field operation: helping rescue a boy named Ahmet who has been stranded on an island.

The Turks are not the first to come up with a spy page for kids. For instance, the US Central Intelligence Agency has a page for kids.  The National Reconnaissance Office, funded by the CIA and the Defense Department, also has a kid’s page.

Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency has recently been in the news. It’s shifting from military control to civilian control. And Turkey is also building a high-powered surveillance satellite. Some fear that it will distribute images of Israel. Currently, the US is the only country with such satellites and it bans the distribution of Israeli images.

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