• http://www.cynthiarosi.com/ Cynthia Rosi

    What a great piece. It’s so important to know that torture affects the people who carry it out – they’re not nameless, or go without damage. Violence creates damage for everyone it touches. No-one escapes. The more we know this, and the more pervasive that knowledge becomes, the greater chance we can evolve out of war and into a different way of solving problems.

  • http://twitter.com/joshesphillips Joshua E.S. Phillips

    Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, torture cuts both ways – traumatizing the victims and the perpetrators. That’s part of its enduring legacy that lives on today.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N4Y5ZJ33T7UIDAHRT3LPUIPY44 Roger Tuttle

    Just an incredible piece. Thank you for publishing this article. I’m curious it has been published elsewhere. Has it? a topic like this deserves a great deal more attention. Thank you again for such important journalistic work.

  • http://twitter.com/joshesphillips Joshua E.S. Phillips

    Thanks very much – very kind of you to say. I’m not sure whether the article has been re-published anywhere. That’s something that the good folks of Latitude News would know. Glad to see you’ve been been reading their work! Latitude News is producing great work, and hope that more people become away of the terrific material their churning out.

  • Sandy Barretts

    and it isn’t just the “impulse to torture” in those situations, but also the mindset that thought it “amusing’ to pose smiling for a photograph of prisoner humiliation that distressing.