The top five tweetingest cities

America has the most registered Twitter users. But are we tops at tweeting?

Kate Lieb By Kate Lieb

Americans make up the biggest Twitter population, but they’re not the tweetiest users. A new survey finds that while Americans hold 140 million of Twitter’s half-billion accounts, the most active Twitter city isn’t even in the Western Hemisphere. It’s Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

Some 27 percent of all public tweets were geo-located in Jakarta, according to Semiocast, a social media company based in Paris. Jakarta outdid Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo and New York. Indonesia’s second largest city, Bandung, took sixth.

Jakarta is known for traffic on Twitter and on its highways. (Reuters)

The Jakarta Post reported that on Tuesday the country’s Twitter community took to the social networking site to celebrate their victory by making #10MakananKhasIndo—10 typical Indonesian food options— and #RemajaIndonesiaAugustWish—roughly, my wishes for August— trending topics on Twitter.

Some of Jakarta’s most active Twitter users have proposed reasons for the city’s love of Twitter. “I bet it’s due to the bad city traffic,” Ulil Abshar Abdalla, co-founder of the Liberal Islam Network, tweeted to his 179,144 followers.

Jakarta last March was also named the Facebook capital of the world, with around 17.5 million users, according to TNS