Mitt Romney points, chicken to go and tattoo regrets

Three stories you must read before going out

Michael Fitzgerald By Michael Fitzgerald

It’s Saturday morning. Time to kick back, relax and goggle at some of the offbeat stories of the week.

Mitt's wife points, too.

You might not expect to see Mitt “Mr. Business” Romney compared with the late Kim Jong-il, presider over one of the world’s least effective economies in North Korea. In fact, before he died, some estimated that Kim was worth as much as $4 billion. That’s considerably more than the $250 million or so Romney is thought to have amassed in his career, proving that absolute dictatorship pays better than private equity.

In London, the Guardian finds a more intriguing way to pair the capitalist candidate for president and the late communist dictator. It  pays homage to the classic Kim Jong-il fan blog “Kim Jong-il looking at things” by putting together a slide show of photos of Mitt Romney pointing at things. Complete with clever captions speculating on just why Mitt was pointing, it may not be quite as satisfying as “looking at things” (though really, few things are). But it shows an unexpectedly pointed side to the man who will be the Republican candidate for president this year. Kudos to the Guardian for making the connection.

Chicken? Looks more like a real turkey

Maybe Romney was pointing the finger at KFC. The big American purveyor of fried chicken had a burp in its Thai operation. KFC’s Thai unit somehow looked at a post-earthquake tsunami warning and saw opportunity. Someone at the company posted a message on its Thai Facebook site telling Thais to “hurry home and follow the earthquake news. And don’t forget to order your favourite KFC Menu.”

That didn’t go over well in Thailand, as the Bangkok Post noted that people tarred and feathered the company online.  Eventually, KFC put up a Facebook post asking for forgiveness.

Not a superstar decision

Zombie Boy didn't make the slideshow, but he's our favorite. (Reuters/Max Rossi)

There was chagrin in Belgium, for a different reason.  A young woman who got 56 stars tattooed to her face originally said she had been misunderstood by the tattoo artist. She said she had fallen asleep and awakened to find her face lit up like the night sky. Eventually the 21-year-old confessed that she had wanted all the stars, and lied about it because she didn’t want her dad to know what she’d done. Ah, the folly of youth. Now she’s decided she wants the stars removed. The UK edition of the International Business Times decided to give her the business, and at the same time put together a slide show with some of the world’s most unusual tattoos.

Tattoos certainly aren’t going away, at least in America. About a third of Americans under 25 have at least one, according to a Pew study.