Infidelity good business for detectives in Malaysia

By Chi Liquicia


Investigating extra-marital affairs is proving to be a lucrative business in Malaysia these days.

One detective company alone says it receives about 100 inquiries a month from spouses who suspect
their partners are cheating on them. The cases account for 90 percent of the agency’s business,
reports The Star.

That’s a lot of unfaithful spouses, giving credence to findings of a 2011 global survey which ranks Malaysians
third among 36 nationalities polled as being the most unfaithful partners. That is true for both men and women.

“There are as many unhappy husbands as suspicious wives among our clients,” the daily quotes one detective as saying.
Investigations take place all around the country. Sometimes the investigators go as far as Thailand to track the husbands.

Demand for investigators seems to be high and competition stiff that some private detectives are advertising
their services in newspapers, online and even on the back of taxis.

And if you are wondering what the world’s most unfaithful nations then  look no farther than Thailand and South Korea. The source for this data?  Durex’s Sexual Well-being Global Survey 2011.

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