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    Please, come join the Facebook group titled “Rememberaqnce of Hanna Williams” we’d welcome your support. We are over four thousand stronge with the agenda for justice for Hana!

  • mv

    I am stunned by the egregious care given to Hana by her adoptive parents. In my experience, as an adoptive parent to an Ethiopian child where I’ve had opportunity to connect to many, many, other adoptive parents of kids from Ethiopia, the type of care she received is far from ordinary. I have witnessed tremendous care and commitment to these children by parents in the adoption community.

    What doesn’t surprise me though, is the outpouring of support from the Ethiopian community living in the U.S. My daughter, as well as I, have been welcomed with open arms. It’s a tragedy that Hana was treated so poorly, but I have every trust that the resiliency and outpouring of support by the Ethiopian people in Hana’s area will look and act toward this tragic situation with compassion.

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  • Genet Tesefaye

    Finally……. Thank you so much 4 doing this. I am adopted.

  • Genet Downen

    Finally!!!!!!!!!! Thank u so much 4 doing this. I am adopted from Ethiopia also i have a lot of friends that are adopted from Ethiopia. I am planning to do some video about adoptions. Its a good think but its NOT k when people die.