• Jashbryant

    This story is the real deal. Having lived in Russia for two summers and having had a couple if Russian boyfriends as well, this story hits the nail right on the head in terms of the social dynamic. I would say, however, that there is quite a bit of friendship between Russian women. In fact, they often serve as an important support network for each other when their men let them down/are unfaithful/are abusive.

    I will say also that while you seem to contrast Russia & the US somewhat on this issue, the “man situation” in the two countries is actually quite similar in my opinion, especially in minority communities in which the male population is ravaged by imprisonment, drug abuse and other socioeconomic factors. Being black myself, I have seen how women are forced (or feel forced) to tske in the dregs of society because there is literally no choice. So this is not an issue as foreign as we may think.

    • Deidre_clark

      Alas – you are probably right. It’s the situation wherever men are empowered (falsely) and women are disempowered – It doesn’t matter in what cultural context that occurs. I’ve never believed in countries – it seems absurd to me and this is not a “Russian” problem, it’s a human one.
      The author, Deidre Dare

  • Expatstayathomedad

    I’m a SAHD in Moscow and I can tell you its tough in a society with very odd ideas of domestic expectations and roles within marriage and relationships.


    • Deidre_clark

      A SAHD probably blows their minds mate. You are very brave.