Canada might pick up tab for Michigan bridge

By Nicholas Nehamas

Latitude News breaks down the barrier between domestic and international reporting. Today, we’re bringing you a few stories that show how news doesn’t stop at the border.

Traffic backs up at the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador bridge in Detroit. (Reuters)

1) Michigan’s governor says his state can’t afford to build a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. Not to worry: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to pay for the whole thing, and says his nation is getting a good deal. (Detroit Free Press)

2) A prominent Texas family with connections to the state’s top officials has been implicated in Mexico’s drug cartel/horse racing scandal. (Texas Observer)

3) On the Jersey shore, employers hire foreign students to work the boardwalk. Are they taking jobs away from local teens? (Star-Ledger)

4) How did millions of Medicare dollars wind up in Cuba? (Miami Herald)

5) Manhattan’s “Little Syria” is almost gone. (New York Post)

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  • mffitzgerald

    Nick, nice find on the Canada bridge. That editorial highlights the extreme suspicion of government here. I find it interesting that in the U.S., we seem to react to our dislike of government not by taking to the streets (or even the ballot boxes) but by turning the other way.