Looking to lose weight on vacation? Avoid Turkey

America is NOT the tourist destination where you'll put on the most weight

Kate Lieb By Kate Lieb

Americans are the fattest people in the world, on average. But the United States is only the fourth-most fattening country in the world for tourists.

British travel agency Fly Thomas Cook surveyed 350 Britons who had traveled abroad. The tourists, whose vacations lasted on average ten days, gained an average of 2.4 pounds during their trips to America. But in Cyprus and Turkey, they really indulged, resulting in 3.3- and 3-pound gains respectively, the survey said. Portugal was third, with 2.9-pound gains.

That put the U.S. fourth, according to The Daily Mail of London, which cited the study.

When Brits travel, they tend to buy into discount trips that involve buses carting them around to sights and tourist centers where food and drink are plentiful.

Survey participants blamed the weight gain on eating out, exercising less frequently and trying new foods. They cited all-you-can-eat buffets found in Mediterranean resort towns, including Turkey, as big culprits in the pouring on of poundage. Though the U.S. has a reputation for large portions, the Big Gulp, Big Mac and other Main Street mainstays were not identified as reasons travelers gained weight here. Instead, Brits gained weight in Belgium, Peru and Portugal because of large portions.

Hamams, or bathhouses, are a popular draw among tourists in Turkey. They’re great. But they don’t compensate much for baklava and Turkish delight. (Reuters/Murad Sezer) 

The survey said that high quality food was “somewhat surprisingly” attributed to larger waistlines among visitors to the U.S. – in essence, when there’s really good food, we eat a lot of it. The survey also listed Italy, France, Portugal and Spain as other countries that have quality cuisine travelers liked to indulge in.

Nearly half of those who participated in the survey gained weight while on vacation. Women gained less, at an average of 1.4 pounds, compared to 5.5 lbs. for men.

One in five respondents said that their weight gain made them enjoy their vacations less. But that won’t make anyone at Latitude News scrimp on the gelato when we’re next on Florence’s Ponte Vecchio.

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