• stuart neary

    i love my mercedes marry up dont settle for a peasent bmw i live in new zealand have a large house on one acre of land but do not have a chinee girlfriend or chinee wife or children i wish i had
    i am a left over to thats the price of been a gentle nice guy so there is nothing wrong with you dear
    people are blind to golden hearts and settle for brass
    you have a golden heart and i hope you find your gold at the end of the rainbow

  • Ashrafuddin Pirzada

    Emily it was nice information about you, i like such things you have or want. i am not looking persons interested in true love but money is every thing for them.. i wish you good luck..
    Pirzada.Pakistan, 0300-2737152
    Age, 35, profession, Journalist/social worker

    • Emily

      Hi Pirzada,

      Thank you for all the nice things you wrote… I wish you all the best and good luck as well..


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