• Leica

    Does a fellow really need to have his hand shaken by a swarthy piece of garbage from Uruguay? Having said that, paying good money to watch a bunch of racists run around a field, egged on by undereducated neo-nazi football hooligans does seem like a situation that good citizens would want to keep an eye on given the history of Europe. Whatever happened to the concept of sportmanship.

    • David Goldblatt

      “Swarthy”? Come on, how can you be criticising racism and stereoytping and use this kind of langauge?

      All footballers are racist? You really can’t be serious can you…have you checked out the ethinc profile of the premier league?

      Undereducated, neo-nazi hooligans? Well, there remain places in Europe where these folks are a presence in football stadiums, but not everywhere and certainly not in England. To charcterise football crowds in this way would be laughable if it were not lamentable.

      Whatever happened to the concept of sportmanship. What ever happened to the concept of reasoned argument?

      • LeicaNYC

        That was a bit tongue in cheek. But I am surprised that a person from Uruguay who looks like a person of color to me would chose to be racist in that way.

  • BrooklynLass

    Good God! When I read commentary for European, often it is about how much better they are than Americans. I, as a Black American, can assure you, have NEVER seen the kind of display in American sports that I am reading after googling “racism in European soccer.


  • BrooklynLass

    Like to add to the post I just left, am shocked regarding the kind of open and accepted displays of racism I am reading about in Europe. From my reading of commentary from people from Europe, they often discuss how much better they are than Americans. As an American I can tell you I am proud of where I am from, as I would assume anyone from Europe would be proud of where they are from. That said, from what I am reading about racism in European sports, in this area at least, we are way ahead. It is incomprehensible that people in American sports arenas would find it acceptable to scream racist chants at any player, no matter what race or country they comes from. From my readings of European commentary, Americans are viewed as villians and a country that doesn’t get it right. I have problems with the way many things are handled in my country. However, can say not in this category.

    • Nick_Nehamas

      here’s a Nigerian player talking about racism in Russian football: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/tv_and_radio/football_focus/9276639.stm

      fans there routinely make monkey noises and throw bananas at black players when they touch the ball . . .

      • BrooklynLass

        Nick, Thanks for sending me your note & video. Although I was surprised BY the degree of racism at other European sports stadium, not surprised at all at Russia.
        Recently viewed “youtube” videos of “racism in Russian” and was stunned to see the degree of racism in “every day” society in that country. Check “youtube” and see for yourself.

  • Jenniewalmsley

    I’m not a big sports fan, but have seen and observed racism at all sorts of sporting events in many different countries (oh, and sexim, which features large in British sports too, by the way). But the follwing article challenges the notion that US sports free of racism (is it fair, do you think BrooklynLass?)http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/feb/21/jeremy-lin-racism-asian-americans

    • Nick_Nehamas

      interesting article…I wonder if any home fans at the Knick’s away games have taunted Lin with racist abuse. anyone hear anything like that?

  • Washingtoni

    It was Europeans that invented racism, colonialism, antisemitism, mass killings, gas chambers, Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, etc, etc. All Western ‘civilization’ was built on these theories . We exterminated nations and cultures, and started two world wars. White supremacy is part of our common European culture. Eastern Europeans are still struggling because they lack the skills of Western hypocrisy…