Americans occupy London

By Maria Balinska

Putting up a Christmas tree at the Occuply London camp in front of St Paul's Cathedral in London (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor) utting

Boston police raided the city’s Occupy site this weekend and closed the camp down. Similar scenes have been played out in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. But in the UK, Occupy London is still going strong as it awaits its day in court on December 19. And that’s thanks in no small part to the Americans who are supporting the cause.

There are 200,000 Americans living in London and, as Rema Rahman of the BBC reports, a number of them are either camping out in front of St Paul’s Cathedral or lending moral support to the Occupy London movement.

They range from former Wall Street executives to students.


“Ruth, from Connecticut,” writes Rahman, “who has been in the UK for about 40 years, helps organise talks at Tent City University – the St Paul’s sanctuary that houses the camp’s library. ‘The US… has been a real inspiration to us here,’ she says.”

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