Jack Rodolico

About Jack Rodolico

Jack Rodolico came to Latitude News from the underpaid, overworked world of public radio internships. He is now happy to orchestrate the Latitude News podcast, as well as edit copy and write stories. Before becoming a journalist and radio producer, he taught kids about owls, worms and starfish.

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Mexican, undocumented. . .Mormon?

The Mormon Church could be majority Latin American by 2015,…

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Can the U.S. keep conflict minerals from Congo out of your laptop?

That electronic gadget you’re using to listen to this story?…

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Congo’s “Terminator” turns himself in to U.S. embassy, but conflict continues

This week Bosco Ntaganda—rebel leader in eastern Congo, wanted by…

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“Portly” British Batman takes justice into his own reluctant hands

This is the Latitude News Mishmash: our collection of the…

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Court demands Egyptian belly-dancing channel shut down for airing erotic commercials

This is our Mishmash, a collection of the three weirdest…