Michael Fitzgerald

About Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald, an award-winning writer and editor, likes journalism because he's always learning things, and having fun doing it. Along the way, he's interviewed Bill Gates at an armadillo race and been the first person to rent a hydrogen-powered car.

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Where’s the beef? Romney seen from abroad

The GOP Convention is over, and the verdict is still…

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Carmel: A little bit of western Europe in central Indiana

According to Money Magazine, Carmel, IN is the "best place…

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Around the world in search of climate change

Last time we had this much carbon dioxide, it was…

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Egypt’s president heads to Iran: snub or help to the U.S.?

Visit to Iran is seen as a signal by Egypt…

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Free Assange? UK says no way

Ecuador just wants Assange to be free. But how is…